The brand >

Venice-based designer and artist Marcelle Ottier started introducing her original bijoux and objects d'art in 2010 during some of her painting exhibitions. Today the brand MarcelleOttier® offers one-of-a-kind creations together with small series productions, ranging from clothing and accessories to houseware. Inspiration flows in from the glass beads, the wood elements, the plexiglass layers, the gold leaf sheets, and the precious fabrics in her fancy super-chest of treasures.

The designer >

Unpredictable and eclectic. Like her teacher Emanuele Luzzati, Ottier started out in scenography producing several works for ballet schools.
The study of materials and their properties led Ottier to experiment with personal techniques, manifesting a freedom of expression recalling artist Carol Rama.
Ottier lives and works between France, Italy, Brussels, places she particularly enjoys, still searching for Magritte's original "Castle of the Pyrenees".

Exhibits >

  • PalaEur, Rome
    • 2010, ArtO'
  • Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel, Venice Italy
    • 2010, "Black&White", Skyline
    • 2011, "Gold", paintings, Campiello Lounge
    • 2011, "Paper", paintings, Executive Lounge
    • 2013 "For Friends, with Friends", photo show with Frank Kovalchek
    • 2014, "Peintures, objets d'art, bijoux"
    • 2015, "Preciadas", gold leaf creations
  • ThaumArt Gallery, Venice Italy
    • 2015, "Preciadas"
  • Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Venice Italy (Resident artist)
    • 2017, "You Are Here - Here You Are", digital art
    • 2021, "Mad Flowers", digital art and bijoux

Books / Poetry >

Pensées verticales, 2007

Awards >

The Fuxia Days, 2014

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